The calories of diet products are not zero, only the calories are reduced. In other words, even if it is low in calories compared to normal, it is necessary to consume it in the diet by paying attention to the portion. In addition, sometimes the use of additives and artificial sweeteners in diet products increases, so it is necessary to read the label carefully and consume it.

In addition, do not consume light products while dieting, these products are processed and harmful to your health. With 5-10 grams of fat you will get from there, your diet will not deteriorate, but 5-10 grams of food with high GI will spoil your diet. Therefore, the real enemy is not FAT, but Carbohydrates.

Common misconceptions about weight loss are listed below:

Olive Oil Is Calorie-free And Can Be Consumed Unlimitedly

Scientific studies have found that olive oil has positive effects on the human body (especially constipation). As with all oils, 1 teaspoon of olive oil is worth 45 calories and if consumed excessively, it causes weight gain. I can lose weight faster if I skip meals.

While Dieting, I Shouldn't Eat Fruit

First of all, vegetables and secondly fruits are the foods that you should consume the most while dieting. You should know very well that you cannot be healthy without consuming vegetables and fruits every day. While dieting, fruit consumption is essential to a certain extent. Fruit sugar does not spoil your diet as you think. The important thing here is to consume in moderation (portion control). Otherwise, you will be deprived of essential vitamins and minerals and your body will suffer during this diet period. Another issue here is that fruits should be eaten. The water should not be squeezed and drunk. The fruit sugar, which is separated from its fiber, has lost most of its benefit for you then. Consume fruit every day. Eat fruit whether you are on a diet or not.

Skip Breakfast

Breakfast has a great effect on appetite management and weight control. Do not think that you will lose more weight by eating less meals. You don't have to have the classic cheese, bread, olives and egg breakfast. You can have breakfast with a glass of milk or coffee with milk and a portion of fruit on the side. You can have breakfast with a glass of coffee with milk and 10 hazelnuts or almonds. The important thing is that your metabolism is activated from the moment you wake up, rather than the content of your breakfast. By not skipping your breakfast, you will both work your metabolism and keep your blood sugar at a stable level so that you don't sit down for lunch in a dazed way.

Skipping meals on a diet causes a slowdown in metabolism. In addition, since there is a decrease in blood sugar when a meal is skipped, food consumption will increase in the next meal and the body will store fat.

Herbal Teas Weaken

Herbal teas only have effects that help speed up the metabolism, but no herbal tea will provide weight loss without a healthy diet and physical activity.

Whole wheat bread has no calories. In wholemeal bread, 25 grams (1 slice) of regular bread is 70 calories. Only their rate of effect on blood sugar, which we call the glycemic index, is different. Excess consumption of both leads to weight gain.

If I Exercise When I Am Hungry, I Will Lose Weight Faster

Insulin secretion increases during sports and when sports are done on an empty stomach, blood sugar will decrease and a feeling of discomfort will occur.

Carbohydrates Such As Pasta, Rice, Bread Should Be Completely Excluded From The Diet

The human body uses carbohydrates as the main source of energy. Cutting out bread, rice and not consuming these foods means not giving the right energy to the body. In this case, glycogen stores in the muscles and liver are used to obtain energy in the body. In other words, you lose weight from water, the adipose tissue, which is the cause of your obesity, remains as it is. When you switch to a normal diet, you will gain twice as much weight.

Protein-rich Meals Promote Healthy Weight Loss

In a protein-heavy diet, the body spends a lot of energy to digest proteins and weight loss can occur. However, since too much fat will enter the body along with proteins, elevated blood fats and coronary heart diseases may occur. Gout may develop. In addition, proteins cause calcium sugar from the bone to be removed from the body and this causes osteoporosis. In this case, even if you lose weight, you will spend the rest of your life as a sick person.

The Fruit Is Eaten 2 Hours After The Meal, Otherwise All That Is Eaten Will Turn Into Oil

If you are not full, eating 1 fruit instead of eating a second plate causes less energy intake, that is, less eating. Therefore, if you are not full, it is a better approach to eat 1-2 fruits instead of a second plate.

Parsley Juice Weakens

Parsley has a diuretic effect. Due to the loss of urine, the person feels lighter. It has no benefit in weight loss and reduction of adipose tissue.

Sweating In Hot Environments Such As Sauna Weakens

It is water, not oil, that is lost by sweating in hot environments such as saunas. Such warm environments allow the organism to be purified from toxins, relax the muscles and relieve malaise, but do not weaken it. From a weight-loss perspective, cold is more effective than heat.

Drinking Lemon Water On An Empty Stomach In The Morning Weakens

Lemon has a stimulating effect on the intestines. However, cold or warm water or lemon water does not have any weakening effect.

My Blood Sugar Is Low, I Need To Eat Dessert

Never eat sweets if your blood sugar is low and your hands are shaking. Cheese bread is a better choice. Those who can eat sweets are only diabetics who use insulin.

If I eat anything after 7 pm, I'll get fat

The basic rule for healthy weight loss is not when the food is eaten, but how much is eaten and how much physical activity is done during the day. Studies show that when the amounts at meals are adjusted according to hunger, individuals do not get fat when they eat after 7 pm and lose weight more easily.

If I Consume Anything After 6 pm, I Will Gain Weight

It is the longest meal interval between night and morning. Not consuming anything after 18.00 will further prolong this period and lead to a decrease in blood sugar and a slowdown in metabolism.

Our recommendation: It is necessary to leave a gap of at least 3-5 hours between meals, starting with breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, instead of eating time. So it doesn't matter when the last meal was eaten.

Weight Loss Drugs Are Safe

Nowadays, the most fashionable weight loss drugs are safe only with doctor's instructions and prescription. If you are not overweight, using such drugs will suppress your appetite and cause your body to starve. Doctors prescribe this drug when the benefits outweigh the risks. For example, a 150-pound person tires almost all the organs of his body and this is a serious health problem. However, using weight loss drugs (eg acxion phentermine drug or Terfamex 30 mg) starves the body but does not harm the body more than excess weight. There are also drugs such as Belamyl injection, but these drugs are not usually used in the treatment of obesity.